Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mehmet Nafi Artemel

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mehmet Nafi Artemel

Ph.D. : University of Istanbul, Law Faculty, Centre for Research and Practice in European Law

Öğretim Alanları: International Intellectual Property Law (including English common law and EU in particular), Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property Management, Legal Issues in Engineering and Technology Management, Legal Issues in Advertising and Merchandising, Protection of Innovative Business Ideas, Products and Services, Introduction to Law 

 Araştırma Alanları: English and EU Intellectual Property Law, Law of Character and Personality Merchandising, Law of trade marks, Law of geographical indications, Law of patents and utility models, Law of copyright and related rights, Law of industrial designs, Law of trade secrets, Law of traditional knowledge, biodiversity and genetic resources, Biotechnology and IP, IP Policies for Universities and Research Institutions, Technology/Knowledge Transfer, Law of Biosafety/Biosecurity and (GMO) and Genetically Modified Organisms, Designing IP teaching models and methods

Dahili : 4488

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Yayınlarından Örnekler:

  • “Patent Data Visualization: A Regional Study”, Akkucuk, Ulas; Artemel, Mehmet Nafi, International Journal of Research in Business & Social Science, 5(3),  2016: 66-79, April 2016. 
  • Biyogüvenlik Hukuku: Genetik Yapısı Değiştirilmiş Organizmaların (GDO) Araştırma-Geliştirme ve Ticarî Amaçlı Kullanımı; Avrupa Birliği Mevzuatı ile Karşılaştırmalı (Biosafety Law: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) for Research and Development and Commercial Purposes; In comparison with the EU Biosafety Legislation), 469 pages, Legal Yayıncılık, ISBN :6054847693, October 2014, Istanbul.
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