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Dear AD-EC double major students,

Attached is an Excel file which has two sheets.

One sheet, named "above 103", shows the double major program to be followed by  those students with over 103 credits. It is almost the same as the program on the web page. The only differences are:

1. MATH 102 has been added to EC and EC-AD programs.
2. EC 231-232 have been replaced with AD 251-252.
3. Economics program changes of last year, involving EC 306/308/332/352/362/412/474 have been incorporated.

The second sheet, called "below 103", presents the double major program which should be followed by students below 103 credits. It incorporates

1. The changes above,
2. The recent AD program changes
3. Some other improvements.

Note that these changes are subject to department, FYK and Senate approval.