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Dear students,

Last year, after long discussions and analyses, the Department of  Management has decided to update the undergraduate curriculum and course  catalogue. This proposal has yesterday been accepted by the senate and  will take effect in this Fall 2012. Note that the curriculum change will not affect any student who at this point has completed 103 or more  credits. For those, only changes in course names (like AD408 moving from  Business Policy to Strategic Management) will apply, they will otherwise  graduate normally.

In general, the new curriculum is geared towards being more modern,  flexible and internationally compatible. The number of credits has been  slightly reduced, and some required courses have been eliminated. In  addition, many courses were changed in title or content. For those  students who get converted to the new curriculum, there is a list of  equivalences between old and new courses, so to avoid anybody losing  credits.

We will update our website within the next hours, as well as the online  schedule and registration system (this can take a few days). I will also  hold an information session on September 13, at 10:00 (NH105). If you  have any questions, please contact your advisor, or me directly by mail  or in person (please note that due to the renovation, both the chair's  and secretaries' office moved to the Executive MBA building for now).  Everybody in the department is fully committed to make this transition  as easy and comfortable as possible, and we are convinced that the  changes made are for the best of all our students.

For more information, you can have a look to this brochure on revision.

I hope you all had a great summer, and wish you all a successful Fall  2012 term,


Stefan Koch for the Department of Management