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Students who want to do a noncompulsory internship can apply for a social security premium waiver with the consent of the department. Bogazici University will sponsor the social security premium of the studens who are not past the maximum time limit they can spend in the program, provided that the internship will not take place during the regular semesters and is not longer than 60 days. Since social security registration should be made latest 1 day prior to the start of the internship, the student who wants to do an internship should initiate the process in advance (approximately 1 month before the internship starts) and in the following order to prevent any problems.

Prior to the Internship:

  • The institution that the student will do the intership (The Institution) is determined.
  • Upon the request of the institution, the student is provided with a statement by the department certifying his/her eligibility to do the internship.
  • The department prepares and sends the required documents for the student to the University Accounting Department.
  • The Accounting Department provides the document, to be sent to the institution, to the department stating that Bogazici University will sponsor the social security premium of the student (occupational accident and occupational disease insurance premium).

Following the Internship:

  • As soon as the internship is finished, the institution sends a document regarding the dates and the total number of days spent in the institution.
  • The department informs the University Accounting Department with a written statement, on the dates and days worked in the institution.