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Doç. Dr. &Burcu &Rodopman

Burcu Rodopman, Associate Professor

Vice Chair 

Ph.D. : University of South Florida

Teaching Areas: Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior

Research Areas: Job Performance, Proactivity, Mentoring, Leadership, Organizational Justice

Ext: 7240

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Selected Publications:

  • Kessler, S. R., Bruursema, K., Rodopman, O. B., & Spector, P. E. (2013). Leadership, interpersonal conflict, and counterproductive work behavior: An examination of the stressor-strain process. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 6(3), 180-190.
  • Johnson, R. E., Tolentino, A. and Rodopman, O. B. (2010) "We (sometimes) know not how we feel: Predicting job performance with an implicit measure of trait affectivity", Personnel Psychology, 63, 1, pp. 197-219. (SSCI)

  • Johnson, R. E., Silverman, S. B., Shyamsunder, A., Swee, H., Rodopman, O. B., Cho, E. and Bauer, J. (2010) "Acting Superior But Actually Inferior?: Correlates and Consequences of Workplace Arrogance", Human Performance, 23, pp. 403-427. (SSCI)

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