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corporate-relations The Management Department has been committed to excellence in management education and is aware of the fact that an efficient and effective relation with the corporate world increases the quality of management education. It takes pride in being a place where students and a faculty with a strong academic background and business experience can both pursue knowledge without boundaries.

It is a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of the business world. Thus, the Department maintains close ties with the corporate world through many different channels. This includes fostering ties with our alumni, which include many of the leading public figures and industrialists in the country, through BUMED, the Bogazici University Alumni Association. In addition, many of the lecturers at the Department have extensive business experience, or are active in consulting. Moreover, courses are organized together with the corporate world and regular career fairs allow students to get in touch with managers of potential employer companies.

The Department of Management also offers specially designed programs, seminars, and workshops to the wider business community all year round in collaboration with the for university’s thriving Continuing Education Center (BUYEM). Faculty members from the Management Department, in line with their field of expertise are actively involved in the programs from the inception of a course right through to its successful completion. The quality of teaching and the standard of the uniquely customized programs attract businesses from across the country and from a wide spectrum of industries. The programs which are meticulously designed and coordinated are structured with a view to meet, and indeed, exceed the rigorous expectations that blue-chip corporations have come to set due to the Center’s distinguished reputation.

The collaboration between the Center and the Department of Management has proven to be one of the most significant reasons which accounts for the overwhelming success of the programs offered under aegis of the Center.  The Department of Management enjoys the rare privilege of being able to offer an impressive range of management related courses by its faculty members who are authorities in their own specialist fields with considerable affinity with the business world and its pressing needs. National as well as international firms based in Turkey have seized this opportunity to collaborate on a tripartite basis together with the Center and the Department of Management with the intention of devising a training scheme and curricula which precisely addresses the requisite needs of a particular company. From large multinational companies to small niche firms, from the pharmaceutical industry to the automobile industry, the Department of Management together with the superbly equipped Center and its administration, offer the highest quality corporate training programs to the business community.