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Votality during Trading and Non Trading Hours: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock Exchange
Nuray Guner and Zeynep Onder

An Empirical Analysis of Independent External Audit on Accounting Disclosure by Turkish Companies
Turgut Curuk

A Comparative Study of Modes of Thinking in Turkish and Western Cultures
Fusun Akarsu

Evidence on Invertory Accounting Policy Choice Determinents In Turkey
Turkan Onder and Figen Oker

Long-Term Capital Flows and Their Effects on Economic Growth through International Trade
Halit Yanikkayi

Charismatic Leadership and Organizational Commitment on the Service Organizations
Adnan Ceylan, Alper Erturk, Murat Mutlu, Musa Palaci

A Simulation Study of Price Discreteness in Istanbul Stock Exchange
Mustafa Koksal

Time Series Properties and the Forecasting of Quarterly Cash Flows
Celal Aksu

Short-Term Capital Mobility and Crises Asymetric Risk and Return
Ozer Ertuna