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Editorial Introduction

Reforming and Restructuring the State
Fikret Adaman

Symposium on Reforming and Restructuring the State

Tenure of Office, Opportunistic Agents and the Performance of Democratic Politics
Mehmet E. Karaaslan

Origins of Theories of Regulation in Economic Analysis and Some Observations on the Possible Development of Regulatory Institutions in Turkey
E. Unal Zenginobuz

Sustainable Development and Environment: A Theory in the Making?
Zulkuf Aydin

Short-Term Capital Inflows and Their Impact on Macroeconomic Order: A Comparison between Turkey and Mexico
Nurhan Yenturk

The Interdependence of Politics and Economics in Turkey: Some Findings at the Aggregate Level of Analysis
Ali Carkoglu

Environmental Attitudes among Bogazici University Students: Testing the "Environmentalist" Hypothesis
Andrzej Furman, Oguz Erdur

Development of Consumer Consciousness in Turkey; The policy of Consumer Protection through Reformation
Eser Borak

A Sensitivity Analysis of the Choices of the Insured and the Insurer in Automobile Insurance
Arzu Tektas

Demand Analysis through a Conditional Logit Model
Anand N.Asthana


Prelude to Marriage in Ankara: Educational Level, Reasons for Marriage, Feelings for Spouse and Families
Nuran Hortacsu

Inflation and the Stock Market: A Cointegration Analysis
Gulnur Muradoglu, Kivilcim Metin