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Volume 9, Sayı 1, 1995 Yazdır e-Posta

Editorial Introduction

The Black Sea Region: Cooperation and Conflict
Ersin Kalaycıoğlu, Gareth Winrow

Symposium on The Black Sea Region: Cooperation and Conflict

Reform, Transition, or Revolution? The Limits to Change in the Post Communist States
Alexander J. Motyl

On Problems of Economic Transition in the Black Sea Region
Richard E. Ericson

Discussion of Richard Ericson's Article
Cevat Karataş

International Security in the Black Sea Region: A Systems Prospective
Jack Snyder

Discussion of Jack Snyder's Article
Gareth M. Winrow

Black Sea Environmental Cooperation:
States and ‘The Most Seriously Degraded Regional Sea'
Martin W. Sampson III


Deficits and Long - Term Interest in an Open Developing Country:
Testing the Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis for Turkey
E. Mine Çınar, Bülent Uyar

Export Performance of Foreign Direct Investment Firms in Developing Countries:
The Case of Turkey
Deniz Erden

Do Differences in Political Socialization Cause Differences in Social - Security Related Expectations? The Case of Turkey
Nilüfer Narlı, Serhan Çiftçioğlu

The Effects of External Security Consideration on Defense Expenditure in the Context of Greek - Turkish Bilateral Relations
Christos G. Kollias

Invited Article

The International Economic Policy of Italy between Autarky and Reconstruction
Silvio Beretta

Kitap Eleştirileri

Review Article: Industrialization or Deindustrialization in Turkey: How to Overcome It? Korkut Boratav and Ergun Türkcan (eds.): Türkiye'de Sanayileşmenin Yeni Boyutları ve KIT'ler, and Uğur Eser: Türkiye'de Sanayileşme
Dilek Çetindamar

John Waterbury: Exposed to Innumerable Delusions. Public Enterprise and State Power in Egypt, India, Mexico and Turkey
Ayşe Buğra