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Editorial Introduction

Gender and Society
Hayat Kabasakal

Symposium on Gender and Society

Women's Labor in Rural and Urban Settings
Ferhunde Ozbay

Some Observations on the Position of Women in the Labor Market in the Developmant Process of Turkey
Semsa Ozar

Organizational Characteristics as Correlates of Women in Middle and Top Management
Hayat Kabasakal, Nakiye Boyacigiller, Deniz Erden

Female Participation in the Turkish University Administration:
Econometric and Survey Findings, 1992
Gulay Gunluk Senesen

Liberation or Indoctrination: Women's Education in Turkey
Zehra F. Arat

Women in the Legislature
Ayse Gunes Ayata

Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation: Democratic Aspirations in Institution Building
Yesim Arat

The Image of Women in Turkish Television Commercials (1991-1993)
Perran Akan

A Model of Gender Relations in the Turkish Family
E. Olcay Imamoglu

Paradoxes of Intimacy: An Analysis in Terms of Gender
Guler Okman Fisek

Book Reviews

Leslie P. Peirce: The Imperial Harem - Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire
Ferhunde Ozbay

Nilufer Gole: Modern Mahrem
Nukhet Sirman

Ferhunde Ozbay (ed.): Women, Family and Social Change in Turkey
Inci Artan

Deniz Kandiyoti (ed.): Women, Islam and the State
Sirin Tekeli

Marilyn J. Davidson and Cary L. Cooper (eds.): European Women in Business and Management
Hayat Kabasakal