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Editorial Introduction

Privatization and Public Enterprise Reform
Ziya Onis

Symposium on Privatization and Public Enterprise Reform

The Effects of Ownership Stucture on Efficiency
Fikret Adaman

The Privatization Controversy Reconsidered
Izzettin Onder

Privatization of State Owned Enterprises:
A Tool for Improving Competitiveness
Ozer Ertuna

The Privatization of State Economic Enterprises in Turkey
Coskun Acar Aktan

Privatization: A Critical Evaluation of the Turkish Case
Mufit Bodur

Productivity and Profitability in the 500 Largest Firms of Turkey, 1980-1992
Suleyman Ozmucur

Relative Efficiency of Public and Private Sector Ownership and the Privatization of the Turkish Cement Industry
Drury Tallant

An Experience in Privatization: Transfer of the Retail Outlets of Sumer Holding Company to the Employees
Ozer Ertuna

Privatization in Malaysia and Singapore:
Some Lessons for Turkey
Cevat Karatas


A Composite Price Index for Emerging Stock Markets
Faruk Selcuk

The Effects of Inflation on Compositions of Revenues and Deposits and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Turkey
Fusun S. Erginbilgic, Bengi Ozer