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Aim and Scope

Formerly Journal of Economics and Administrative Studies, now edited by Refik Erzan, Özlem Öz,  Gül Sosay, and Ceyhun Elgin,  Boğaziçi Journal, Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies (ISSN:1300-9583) is a multi-disciplinary, bi-annual journal. Manuscripts are welcomed from a variety of social science disciplines including economics, management and organizational studies, political science and international relations. With its peer review process, the Journal continues to aim for high academic standards and seeks to establish itself as a leading outlet for academic research dealing with economic, social, political and institutional change. The Journal is indexed in Asos Index, EBSCOHost, and Elsevier Geo Abstracts.

Only manuscripts in English are accepted. Before submitting a manuscript, please see the "Notes for Contributors."

Local subscription price is 10 TL. International subscription prices are $20 for institutions and $10 for individuals.