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akkucuk Ulas Akkucuk, Associate Professor

Ph.D. : Rutgers University

Teaching Areas: Linear Programming, Probability and Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Marketing Research, Production and Operations Management

Research Areas: Multidimensional Scaling, Nonlinear Optimization and Its Applications in MDS, Multivariate Analyses, Clustering, Tree-Fitting and Network Models Applied to Marketing, Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction

Ext: 6524

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Selected Publications:

    • Akkucuk U (Derleyen/Derleyenler)​​​​​, Handbook of Research on Developing Sustainable Value in Economics, Finance, and Marketing​​​​​, IGI-Global​​​​​, Hershey, USA​​​​​, 2015​​ ​.​​​​​
    • Akkucuk U​​​​​, Application of Lean Six Sigma Methodology in Design and Improvement of Financial Services​​​​​, Dincer H, Hacioglu U​​​​​, Globalization of Financial Institutions​​​​​, Springer​​​​​, 2014​​.​

    • ​​​Akkucuk U​​​​​, Application of Statistical Visualization Tools on Global Competitiveness Data​​​​​, Dincer H, Hacioglu U​​​​​, Global Strategies in Banking and Finance​​​​​, IGI-Global​​​​​, 2014​​.​

    • ​​​Akkucuk U​​​​​, Market Prioritization Methods for Global Firms​​​​​, Hacioglu U, Dincer H​​​​​, Managerial Issues in Finance and Banking​​​​​, Springer​​​​​, 2014​​.​

    • ​​​Akkucuk U​​​​​, From Local Information Systems to Global Customer Relationship Management​​​​​, Hacioglu U, Dincer H​​​​​, Globalization and Governance in the International Political Economy​​​​​, IGI-Global​​​​​, 2014​​.​

    • Akkucuk U, Carroll JD, France SL​​​​​, Visualizing Data in Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Application of PARAMAP on Judicial Statistics​​​​​, Berthold Lausen, Dirk Van den Poel, Alfred Ultsch​​​​​, Algorithms from and for Nature and Life​​​​​, Springer​​​​​, 2013​​.​
    • Akkucuk, U. (2011) "A Study on the Competitive Positions of Countries Using Cluster Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling", European Journal of Finance Economics and Administrative Sciences, 37, 1, pp.17-26.

    • Akkucuk, U. (2011) Gorsellestirme Teknikleri: Pazarlama ve Patent Analizi Ornek Uygulamalari Ile, Yalin, Istanbul, 2011. 

    • Akküçük U., Combining Purchase Probabilities and Willingness to Pay Measures: A Case on Recycled Products, European Journal of Social Sciences​, 23​, 3​, 353-361​, 2011 ​​ ​
    • Akkucuk, U. (2011) "A Study on the Competitive Positions of Countries Using Cluster Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling", European Journal of Finance Economics and Administrative Sciences, 37, 1, pp.17-26.


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