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Ozlem Oz

Ozlem Oz, Professor

Vice Dean 

Ph.D. : London School of Economics and Political Science

Teaching Areas: Globalization, Organization Theory

Research Areas: Geographic clusters, organization of economic activity in space, Istanbul's economic geography and its transformation, historical geographies of the film industry

Ext: 7583

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Selected Publications:

  • Eder, M., and Oz, O. (2014-forthcoming) "Neo-liberalization of Istanbul's Nightlife: Beer or Champagne?", International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (SSCI)

  • Oz O, Eder M. (2012) "Rendering Istanbul's Periodic Bazaars Invisible: Reflections on Urban Transformation and Contested Space", International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 36, 2, 297-314. (SSCI)

  • Oz, O. and Ozkaracalar, K. (2011) "What Accounts for the Resilience and Vulnerability of Clusters? The Case of Istanbul's Film Industry", European Planning Studies, 19 (3), pp. 361-378. (SSCI)

  • Oz, O. and Ozkaracalar, K. (2010) "Path Dependencies, Lock-In and the Emergence of Clusters: Historical Geographies of Istanbul's Film Cluster", in: Sydow, J. and Schuessler, E. (eds.): The Hidden Dynamics of Path Dependence, Palgrave MacMillan, Hampshire, UK and New York, USA, PP. 161-177.

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