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Metin Ercan

Metin Ercan, Professor

Ph.D. : Boston College

Teaching Areas: Financial Management, Financial Markets, Investments, Money and Banking, Derivative Securities

Research Areas: Financial Markets, IPOs, Banking, Unregistered Economy, Privatization

Ext: 6809

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Selected Publications: 

    • Ercan, M. (2011) "Foreign Direct Investment and the Unregistered Economy in Turkey", Turkish Studies, September 2011, 12(3) (SSCI)

    • Ercan, M. and Cevikel, S. (2011) "Survey on IPO Underpricing in the Istanbul Stock Exchange", Iktisat Isletme ve Finans, 26(305), 85-117 (SSCI).    

    • Karatas, C. and Ercan, M. (2008) "The Privatisation Experience in Turkey and Argentina: A Comparative Study, 1986-2007", Metu Studies in Development, 35(2), 345-384.

    • Ercan, M. (2006). Kayıt Dışı Ekonomi ve Hızlı Tüketim Malları Sektörü. Ankara: Comart.

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