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Irem Nuhoglu

Irem Nuhoglu, Professor

Vice Dean 

Ph.D. : Bogazici University

Teaching Areas: Accounting

Research Areas: IFRS, US-GAAP, Accounting Regulations and Laws, Convergence of IFRS  and US-GAAP, Financial Analysis and Financial Structure of public firms, Impact of Audit Quality and Type of Audit Opinions on Decision Making Process, Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure, and Effect of Equity Structure on Financial Performance.

Ext: 7582

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Selected Publications:

    • Nuhoğlu, N. I. and S. Erdoğan, (2017) “The Rise of “Independent Board Members” in Turkey”, MUFAD Dergisi, Volume 73, pp. 249-272.
    • Nuhoglu, I. and D. Parlak, (2016) "Economic Crisis and Ownership Structure: Evidence from an Emerging Market", Bogazici Journal, Volume 30, No. 1, pp. 77-97.
    • Nuhoglu, I., Gramling, A. A., and D. A. Wood, (2014) "Are the Activities of Internal Audit Function Associated with Audit Committee Quality Factors?", Bogazici Journal, Volume 28, No. 1, pp. 27-45.
    • Nuhoglu, I., Gramling, A. A., and Wood D. A. (2013) "A Descriptive Study of Factors Associated with the Internal Audit Function Having an Impact: Comparisons between Organizations in a Developed and an Emerging Economy", Turkish Studies, 14, 3, 1-26. (SSCI) 

    • Nuhoglu, I. and Armagan O. (2013) "The Status of Audit Committees: A Comparative Study of U.S.A., E.U., and Turkey", MODAV Dergisi, 15, 1, 67-86.

    • Nuhoglu, I. and Parlak D. (2012) "The Perceptions of the Financial Stakeholders on the Classification of the Auditor", MODAV Dergisi, 14, 4, 19-41.

    • Nuhoglu I, Wan L. (2012) "Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Two Rising Actors: China and Turkey", MODAV Dergisi, 14, 1, 67-86.

    • Nuhoglu, I. (2010) "The Reaction and Preceptions of Financial Stakeholders: Does the Auditor Name Effect Their Decision? An Experimental Survey in an Emerging Market: Turkey", Journal of Economics, Management and Finance - Iktisat Isletme ve Finans Dergisi, 25, August, pp. 33-68. (SSCI)

    • Nuhoglu, I. and Parlak D. (2008) "Types of Audit Opinions and Financial Performance Indicators in an Emerging Market: Turkey", Journal of Economics, Management and Finance - Iktisat Isletme ve Finans Dergisi. (SSCI)

    • Nuhoglu, I. and Parlak, D. (2008) "Turkiye'de Uretim Sektorunde Gelir Tablosu Sunum Farkliliklari-UFRS ve Kurumlar Vergisi Beyannamesi Karsilastirmali Analiz", MODAV Dergisi, 10(4), pp.103-116.

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