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Prof. Dr. Hayat Kabasakal

Hayat Kabasakal, Professor

Graduate Studies Coordinator

Ph.D. : University of Minnesota

Teaching Areas: Management and Organizational Behaviour

Research Areas: Organizational Behavior, Gender, Leadership, Disaster Management and Culture

Ext: 6509

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Selected Publications:

    • İmer, P.H., Kabasakal, H., Dastmalchian, A., Personality and contextual antecedents of organizational citizenship behavior:, Journal of Management and Organization​, 20​, 4​, 441-462​, 2014 ​​ SSCI ​ ​
    • Yılmaz Börekçi D, İşeri Say A, Kabasakal H, Rofcanın Y, Quality of relationships with alternative suppliers:The role of supplier resilience and perceived benefits in supplier networks, Journal of Management and Organization​, 20​, 6​, 808-831​, 2014 ​​ SSCI ​ ​ ​
    • Maden, C. and Kabasakal, H. 2014. The Simultaneous Effects of Fit with Organizations, Jobs, and Supervisors on Major Employee Outcomes in Turkish Banks: Does Organizational Support Matter ? International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25, 341-366. (SSCI)
    • Asugman, G. and  Kabasakal, H. 2013.  E-Commerce Adoption in Financial Services and Textile manufacturing Sectors. İktisat, İşletme ve Finans, 28, 61-84. (SSCI)
    • Kabasakal, H., Dastmalchian, A., Karacay, G., and Bayarktar, S. 2012. Leadership and Culture in the MENA Region: An Analysis of the GLOBE Project. Journal of World Business, 47, 519-529. (SSCI)
    • Saracer, Ertenu B., Karacay-Aydin, G., Asarkaya, Ç., Kabasakal, H. 2012. Linking the Worldly Mindset with an Authentic leadership Approach: An Exploratory Study in the Middle Eastern Context. In S. Turnbull, P. Case, G. Edwards, D. Schedlitzki, and P. Simpson (Eds.) Worldly Leadership: Alternative Wisdoms for a Complex World (pp. 206-222). Hampshire, Palgrave.  

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