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exchange At Bogazici University, student exchange programs have always been high on the agenda. This has always been the inclination ever since the former days of Robert College. The number of students who are taking part in exchange programs has shown a dramatic increase over the last few years. The Department positively encourages its students to benefit from such arrangements. The university's Office of International Relations provides a very comprehensive service to the student population at Bogazici as well as to students who come to the university to spend a term or two. The University enjoys a wide network of exchange partners on account of its traditional ties with universities in the US in addition to its ever-increasing pool of partner universities around the world.

Students who want to attend exchange programs need to have a minimum GPA of 2.50 and should have spent at least two semester at Bogazici University. Students cannot spend their last semester abroad. Regardless of the program they attend, students pay the regular fee at Bogazici University and they are also responsible to support their accomodation and travel expenses.

For further information about Exchange Program please refer to the Office of International Relations.

Office of International Relations:  South Campus OFB Building Bebek Istanbul 34342 TURKEY


e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +90 (212) 359 74 21

Fax: +90 (212) 265 32 48

Department Erasmus Coordinator: Asst Prof Hermann Jürgens (more information  - outgoing / incoming)

The Department of Management (or the faculty or university) has agreements with the following universities open to our students (undergraduate/graduate):

Australia Monash University (U,UG/G), University of Queensland (U, UG/G), University of South Australia (U, UG), Victoria University (U, UG)
Austria WU - Vienna University of Economics and BA (D, UG), University of Vienna (D, UG/G)

Universite Catholique de Louvain (D, UG/G), Universite Ghent (D, UG/G), Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (D, G) 


McGill (U, UG), University of Alberta (U, UG/G), York University (U, UG/G)

City University of Hong Kong (U, UG), Shanghai University (U, UG)
Egypt American University of Cairo (U, UG/G)

University of Jyvaskyla (D, UG)


ESCP-Europe (D, G), ESSEC (D, UG/G), Neoma Business School (D, UG), TELECOM Business School (D, UG/G), Universite de Paris 1 - Pantheon Sorbonne (D, UG/G), INSEEC (D, UG/G), EMLYON Business School (D, UG/G)


Universitaet zu Köln (D, UG/G), Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt (D, UG/G), Humboldt University Berlin (D, UG/G), TU Darmstadt (F, UG/G), University Erlangen-Nürnberg (D, UG/G)

Universita Degli Studi di Torino (D, UG), LUISS - Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studii Sociale (Guido Carli) (D, UG/G), Universita' Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (D / UG/G)
Japan Kansai Gaidai University (U, UG), Keio University (U, UG/G), Shimonoseki City University (U, UG/G), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (U, UG), University of Shizuoka (U, UG/G), University of Tsukuba (U, UG), Waseda University (U, UG)
Korea Yonsei University Business School (D, G), Keimyung University (U, UG)

Tilburg University (D, UG/G Faculty of Social & Behav. Sciences, plus F, UG/G Faculty of Economics and BA), University of Maastricht (D, UG/G),  Erasmus University Rotterdam (F, UG), Utrecht University (U, UG), Universiteit van Amsterdam (D/UG), University of Twente (D/UG)

Norway University of Oslo (U, UG/G)
Universidade Nova de Lisboa (F,UG)
Singapore National University Singapore (U / UG)
Spain  University of Granada (D, UG), Carlos III Madrid (D / UG)


Maalardalen University (D, UG/G)


University of St. Gallen (D, UG/G)



NYU - Stern School of Business (D, G), Baylor University (U, UG/G), Boston University (U, UG/G), Brown University (U, UG/G), California State Sacramento (D, UG/G), George Washington University (U, UG), Hiram College (U, UG/G), Indiana University (U, UG/G), Kansas State University (U, UG), Louisiana State University (U, UG), North Carolina State University (U, UG/G), SUNY-Binghamtom (U, UG), Syracuse University (U, UG/G), University of California (U, UG/G), University of Iowa (U, UG), University of Oklahoma (U, UG/G), University of Texas at Austin (U, UG/G), University of Washington (U, UG/G), University of Wisconsin-Madison (U, UG/G), Washington College (U, UG), Washington University in St. Louis (U, UG/G), West Virgina University (U, UG/G), Western Michigan University (U, UG/G)