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Aşağıda bulunan Boğaziçi Üniversitesi hocalarının yazmış olduğu veya eş yazar oldukları vaka çalışmalarını kullanmak için lütfen adresinden Yusuf Öç ile iletişime geçin.



This case is based on the experience of Teletas, a large Turkish telecommunications equipment manufacturer, and a nationwide leader in research and development efforts. This company was founded by the initiative of the Turkish government and was later privatised as a large corporation. The aim of the case study is to follow the evolution of a small research and development division into a large business by highlighting the strategic moves of its management. In the process of growth, the company has fended off challenges ranging from government intervention in business decisions to steering the company through tech-sector downturns. The first two sections describe the establishment of Teletas. Then a detailed explanation of its business moves bringing the company to its post-privatisation position is presented. The developments are then associated with productivity and profitability. Finally, the company's products, its competitive environment and research and development efforts are detailed to shed light on how these factors affected the business model. The teaching note was written by Murat Kural.

Written by: Prof. Güven Alpay (Boğaziçi Üniversitesi) and Murat Kural



This case delineates the most significant brand image transformation project in the history of Turkish business. Arcelik, the largest Turkish white goods manufacturer, had grown to a considerable size in the international markets (especially in Europe), reaching 19 million households around the world. An export orientation, along with a well-executed acquisition strategy had served the company well. However, Arcelik's top management felt that the company's image did not truly reflect the transformed corporate identity, with a greater emphasis on innovation and creativity, beyond the traditional values of reliability and continuous presence in its key markets. Therefore, Arcelik embarked upon a risky, but potentially very rewarding exercise: building a new corporate image. Although few people wanted to risk losing Arcelik's top place in the customers' minds, this case illustrates how Arcelik eventually succeeded in aligning its corporate image with its contemporary values. The teaching note was written by Verda Ergin and Pinar Enberker.

Written by: Prof. Mustafa Dilber (Boğaziçi Üniversitesi), Verda Ergin and Pinar Enberker


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